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  1. Ultrafast behavior of induced and intrinsic magnetic moments in CoFeB/Pt bilayers probed by element-specific spectroscopy in the extreme ultraviolet spectral range

    C. von Korff Schmising, S. Jana, K. Yao, M. Hennecke, P. Scheid, S. Sharma, M. Viret, J.-Y. Chauleau, D. Schick, S. Eisebitt

    Phys. Rev. Res. (2023) 013147/1-8
  2. Pump-probe x-ray microscopy of photo-induced magnetization dynamics at MHz repetition rates

    K. Gerlinger, B. Pfau, M. Hennecke, L.-M. Kern, I. Will, T. Noll, M. Weigand, J. Gräfe, N. Träger, M. Schneider, C. M. Günther, D. Engel, G. Schütz, S. Eisebitt

    Structural Dynamics 10 (2023) 024301/1-9
  3. Ultrafast element- and depth-resolved magnetization dynamics probed by transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect spectroscopy in the soft x-ray range

    M. Hennecke, D. Schick, T. Sidiropoulos, F. Willems, A. Heilmann, M. van Moerbeck-Bock, L. Ehrentraut, D. Engel, P. Hessing, B. Pfau, M. Schmidbauer, A. Furchner, M. Schnuerer, C. von Korff Schmising, S. Eisebitt

    Physical Review Research 4 (2022) L022062/1-7
  4. Element‐specific magnetization damping in ferrimagnetic DyCo5 alloys revealed by ultrafast X‐ray measurements

    R. M. Abrudan, M. Hennecke, F. Radu, T. Kachel, K. Holldack, R. Mitzner, A. Donges, S. Khmelevskyi, A. Deak, L. Szunyogh, U. Nowak, S. Eisebitt, I. Radu

    Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters online (2021) 1-15
  5. High average power OPCPA MIR-systems for coherent soft x-ray generation accessing inner-shell absorption edges of metals

    M. van Moerbeck-Bock, T. Feng, A. Heilmann, L. Ehrentraut, H. Stiel, M. Hennecke, T. Sidiropoulos, C. von Korff Schmising, S. Eisebitt, M. Schnürer

    SPIE Proceedings Series 11777 (2021) online
  6. Sub-15-fs X-ray pump and X-ray probe experiment for the study of ultrafast magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic alloys

    X. Liu, A. Merhe, E. Jal, R. Delaunay, R. Jarrier, V. Chardonnet, M. Hennes, S. G. Chiuzbaian, K. Légaré, M. Hennecke, I. Radu, C. von Korff Schmising, S. Grunewald, M. Kuhlmann, J. Lüning, B. Vodungbo

    Optics Express 29 (2021) 32388-32403
  7. Ultrafast demagnetization dominates fluence dependence of magnetic scattering at Co M edges

    M. Schneider, B. Pfau, C. M. Günther, C. von Korff Schmising, D. Weder, J. Geilhufe, J. Perron, F. Capotondi, E. Pedersoli, M. Manfredda, M. Hennecke, B. Vodungbo, J. Lüning, S. Eisebitt

    Physical Review Letters 125 (2020) 127201 /1-5
  8. Ultrafast spin dynamics of a ferrimagnet revealed by femtosecond soft X-ray and XUV radiation

    M. Hennecke

    Dissertation Technische Universität Berlin (2020)
  9. Element-Specific Magnetization Dynamics of Complex Magnetic Systems Probed by Ultrafast Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy

    C. von Korff Schmising, F. Willems, S. Sharma, K. Yao, M. Borchert, M. Hennecke, D. Schick, I. Radu, C. Strüber, D. W. Engel, V. Shokeen, J. Buck, K. Bagschik, J. Viefhaus, G. Hartmann, B. Manschwetus, S. Grunewald, S. Düsterer, E. Jal, B. Vodungbo, J. Lüning, S. Eisebitt

    Applied Sciences 10 (2020) 7580/1-15
  10. Angular momentum flow during ultrafast demagnetization of a ferrimagnet

    M. Hennecke, I. Radu, R. Abrudan, T. Kachel, K. Holldack, R. Mitzner, A.Tsukamoto, S. Eisebitt

    Physical Review Letters 122 (2019) 157202/1-5