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  • Project Coordinator: 4.3 "Nanoscaled Optics and Samples",
  • Member of Project: 3.3 "Transient Structures and lmaging with X-rays"


The Laboratory for Nanoscale Samples and Optics supports several experiments in different scientific projects of the MBI. We develop and produce thin-film sample systems on various substrates with the focus on magnetic multilayers, alloys and metal foils using magnetron sputtering and thermal evaporation. The close integration of deposition, structuring and characterization of these systems with experiments promotes fast feedback on sample performance and rapid development cycles. We collaborate closely with several MBI projects as well as with external cooperation partners to provide custom sample-related services.

To enable new experimental techniques as for example Spin Hall Effect measurements and skyrmion nucleation via high current density, a UV-lithography system is used to create masks, which enables necessary structuring and lift-off processes. Topographic and magnetic characterization is carried out via atomic and magnetic force microscopy (AFM/MFM), electron microscopy (SEM, EDX), X-ray reflectivity and diffraction, Kerr-magnetometry and Kerr-microscopy.

In close cooperation with the central facility for electron microscopy (ZELMI) at the TU Berlin the 3D patterning on a few-micrometer and nanometer scale via electron beam lithography (EBL) and focused ion beam milling (FIB) is carried out.

MBI Publikationen

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