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Project Member 3.2 "Solids and Nanostructures: Electrons, Spins, and Phonons"


My research work focuses on femtosecond laser-induced ultrafast spin, lattice and charge processes in condensed matter in order to drive ultrafast magnetic phase transitions and spin switching phenomena. In particular, we seek to understand and eventually control the magnetic order at the nanoscale with femtosecond time resolution. To achieve these goals we follow a two-fold experimental approach:
(1) We employ resonant and selective photo-excitations in magnetically ordered materials at photon energies ranging from THz (meV) to soft X-ray (keV) spectral range in order to drive ultimately fast magnetic phenomena (see Figure).
(2) Using element-, quasiparticle- an mode-specific probing techniques we are able to directly measure and disentangle the subsequent dynamics of each constituent sub-system, i.e. electrons, lattice, spins, on their characteristic time- and length-scales.

Curriculum vitae

since 2016 Senior Scientist, Max-Born Institute Berlin

2015-2015 Senior Scientist, Technical University Berlin and Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin – BESSY II

2012-2015 Group Leader ‘Ultrafast Magnetism on Elemental Time and Length Scales’, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin – BESSY II

2008-2012 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Prof. Dr. Theo Rasing, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands

2006-2008 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Prof. Dr. Christian Back, Regensburg University, Germany

2006Ph.D. in the group of Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf at the Free University Berlin, Germany

2001 M.Sc., Physics, West University of Timisoara, Romania and Free University Berlin, Germany

1999 B.Sc., Physics, West University of Timisoara, Romania

MBI Publikationen

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  2. Element‐specific magnetization damping in ferrimagnetic DyCo5 alloys revealed by ultrafast X‐ray measurements

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  3. The 202 ultrafast spectroscopic probes of condensed matter roadmap

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  4. Frequency-independent terahertz anomalous Hall effect in DyCo5, Co32Fe68, and Gd27Fe73 thin films from DC to 40 THz

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  7. Element-Specific Magnetization Dynamics of Complex Magnetic Systems Probed by Ultrafast Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy

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  8. Angular momentum flow during ultrafast demagnetization of a ferrimagnet

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  9. Dissecting spin-phonon equilibration in ferrimagnetic insulators by ultrafast lattice excitation

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  10. Selective THz control of magnetic order: new opportunities from superradiant undulator sources

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