MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Dr. Peter Glas

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Stimulated emission from PbS-quantum dots in glass matrix

    F. Yue, J. W. Tomm, D. Kruschke, P. Glas

    Laser & Photonics Reviews 7 (2013) L1-L5
  2. PbS: glass as broad-bandwidth near-infrared light source material

    F. Yue, J. W. Tomm, D. Kruschke, P. Glas, K. A. Bzheumikohov, Z. C. Margushev

    Optics Express 21 (2013) 2287-2296
  3. The dielectric function of PbS quantum dots in a glass matrix

    I. Moreels, D. Kruschke, P. Glas, J. W. Tomm

    Optical Materials Express 2 (2012) 496-500
  4. Microstructure fiber solution laser

    M. Moenster, P. Glas, R. Iliew, R. Wedell, G. Steinmeyer

    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 18 (2006) 2502-2504
  5. Large-mode-area Nd-doped single-transverse-mode dual-wavelength microstructure fiber laser

    P. Glas, D. Fischer, M. Moenster, G. Steinmeyer, R. Iliew, C. Etrich, M. Kreitel, L.-E. Nilsson, R. Köppler

    Optics Express 13 (2005) 7884-7892
  6. Supercontinuum generation in a two-dimensional photonic kagome crystal

    P. Glas, D. Fischer, G. Steinmeyer, A. Husakou, J. Herrmann, R. Iliew, N.B. Skibina, V.I. Beloglasov, Y.S. Skibina

    Applied Physics B 81 (2005) 209-217
  7. Femtosecond neodymium-doped microstructure fiber laser

    M. Moenster, P. Glas, G. Steinmeyer, R. Iliew, N. Lebedev, R. Wedell, M. Bretschneider

    Optics Express 13 (2005) 8671-8677
  8. Mode-locked Nd-doped microstructured fiber laser

    M. Moenster, P. Glas, G. Steinmeyer, R. Iliew

    Optics Express 12 (2004) 4523-4528
  9. Loss measurements in perfect-structure glass holey fibers

    Yu. S. Skibina, L. A. Melnikov, P. Glas, D. Fischer, R. Wedell

    SPIE Proceedings 5067 (2003) 190-193
  10. Cladding pumped large-mode-area Nd-doped holey fiber laser

    P. Glas, D. Fischer

    Optics Express 10 (2002) 286-290