Equal Opportunity at MBI

Equal opportunities for women and men and the compatibility of family and professional work is an important concern at MBI. In order to warrant equal opportunities and to avoid any gender based discrimination the Max Born Institute as a member of the Leibniz Gemeinschaft is committed to stictly follow the Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG.

MBI has elected and appointed an equal opportunity commissioner who is involved in all personal, organisational and social activities of the MBI concerning gender equality. She offers all members of the MBI staff professional advice and support with respect to:

Finding childcare close to the site of the MBI
Special regulations concerning family friendly working hours
Suspicion of gender discrimination and mobbing on the job
Opportunities for further professional education
Contacts to networks and funding agencies

More information about special support and funding programmes to promote equal opportunties for women in science are found here.

For active parents who temporarily wish to take care of a small child in immediate vicinity of their woking place, the MBI provides a parent-and-child office.