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  1. All-optical magnetization switching by counterpropagation or two-frequency pulses using the plasmon-induced inverse Faraday effect in magnetoplasmonic stuctures

    S.-J. Im, J.-S. Pae, C.-S. Ri, K.-S. Ho, J. Herrmann

    Physical Review B 99 (2019) 041401/1-5
  2. Ultracompact high-contrast magneto-optical disk resonator side-coupled to a plasmonic waveguide and switchable by an external magnetic field

    J.-S. Pae, S.-J. Im, K.-S. Ho, C.-S. Ri, S.-B. Ro, J. Herrmann

    Physical Review B 98 (2018) 041406/1-4
  3. Switchable plasmonic routers controlled by external magnetic fields by using magneto-plasmonic waveguides

    K.-S. Ho, S.-J. Im, J.-S. Pae, C.-S. Ri, Y.-H. Han, J. Herrmann

    Scientific Reports 8 (2018) 10584/1-8
  4. Third-order nonlinearity by the inverse Faraday effect in planar magnetoplasmonic structures

    S.-J. Im, C.-S. Ri, K.-S. Ho, J. Herrmann

    Physical Review B 96 (2017)
  5. Magnetically-tunable cutoff in asymmetric thin metal film plasmonic waveguide

    S.-J. Im, C.-S. Ri, J.-S. Pae, Y.-H. Han, J. Herrmann

    Applied Physics Letters 111 (2017) 071102/1-4
  6. Ultrafast nonlinear optical effects of metal nanoparticles composites

    K.-H. Kim, A. Husakou, J. Herrmann

    Nanoplasmonics - fundamentals and applications IntechOpen (2017)
  7. Nonlinearity of surface-plasmon polaritons in sub-wavelength metal nanowires

    S.-J. Im, K.-S. Ho, Q.-Q. Wang, A. Husakou, J. Herrmann

    Optics Express 24 (2016) 6162-6171
  8. High harmonic generation assisted by metal nanostructures and nanoparticles

    A. Husakou, S.-J. Im, K.-H. Kim, J. Herrmann

    Progress in Nonlinear Nano-Optics Part VII Springer International Publishing (2015) 251-268
  9. Quasi-phase-matched high-harmonic generation by modulation of metal nanoparticle density in a noble gas

    A. Husakou, J. Herrmann, I. Kulagin, G. Boltaev, T. Usmanov

    Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems 18 (2015) 105-116
  10. Quasi-phase-matched high-harmonic generation in composites of metal nanoparticles and a noble gas

    A. Husakou, J. Herrmann

    Physical Review A 90 (2014) 023831/1-9