MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Prof. Dr. Enda McGlynn

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Interaction of ultrafast laser pulses with nanostructure surfaces

    A. Lübcke, M. Schnürer, L. Ehrentraut, R. Wehner, R. Grunwald, E. McGlynn, D. Byrne, S. Lowry

    Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry: Surface Science and Electrochemistry / Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering Elsevier, Kidlington, Oxford, UK (2018) 420-432
  2. Field enhancement of multiphoton induced luminescence processes in ZnO nanorods

    J. Hyyti, M. Perestjuk, F. Mahler, R. Grunwald, F. Güell, C. Gray, E. McGlynn, G. Steinmeyer

    Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 51 (2018) 105306/1-11
  3. Comparison of linear and nonlinear optical properties of ZnO nanorods

    S. K. Das, F. Güell, C. Gray, D. Byrne, P. K. Das, R. Grunwald, E. McGlynn

    Progress in Nonlinear Nano-Optics Springer (2015) 193-206
  4. Relativistic laser nano-plasmonics for effective fast particle production

    A. Andreev, K. Platonov, J. Braenzel, A. Lubcke, S. Das, H. Messaoudi, R. Grunwald, C. Gray, E. McGlynn, M. Schnuerer

    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58 (2015) 014038/1-10
  5. ZnO nanorods for efficient third harmonic UV generation

    S. K. Das, F. Güell, C. Gray, P. Das, R. Grunwald, E. McGlynn

    Optical Materials Express 4 (2014) 701-709; 707 (Erratum)
  6. Photochemical activity of TiO2 nanotubes

    A. Pfuch, F. Güell, T. Toelke, S. K. Das, H. Messaoudi, E. McGlynn, W. Seeber, C. Fábrega, T. Andreu, J. R. Morante, R. Grunwald

    SPIE Proceedings Series 8626 (2013) 86260S/1-6
  7. Nonlinear optical mechanism of forming periodical nanostructures in large bandgap dielectrics

    R. Grunwald, S. K. Das, A. Debroy, E. McGlynn, H. Messaoudi

    MATEC Web of Conferences 8 (2013) 03002/1-2
  8. Multiphoton excitation of surface plasmon-polaritons and scaling of nanoripple formation in large bandgap materials

    S. K. Das, H. Messaoudi, A. Debroy, E. McGlynn, R. Grunwald

    Optical Materials Express 3 (2013) 1705-1715
  9. Multiphoton-absorption induced ultraviolet luminescence of ZnO nanorods using low-energy femtosecond pulses

    S. K. Das, M. Biswas, D. Byrne, M. Bock, E. McGlynn, M. Breusing, R. Grunwald

    Journal of Applied Physics 108 (2010) 043107/1-6
  10. Growth controlled and laser induced nanostructures in thin nonlinear optical ZnO layers

    R. Grunwald, U. Neumann, W. Seeber, H. Lange, J. P. Mosnier, R. O´Haire, E. McGlynn

    Physics and Chemistry of Glasses: European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part B 48 (2007) 134-137