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Member of Project 3.1 "Dynamics of Condensed Phase Molecular Systems"


My main scientific interest is in the ultrafast molecular dynamics in solution - I investigate how a molecule evolves after absorption of a photon. Thus, the basic idea is to watch a molecule during photophysical or photochemical reaction. In particular, I am interested in the photophysics of DNA. DNA safely stores our genetic code. "Safely" is the keyword in the previous sentence - because DNA is surprisingly photostable - which is obviously a prerequisit for the development of life on earth. The mechanism behind this photostability is still not understood. There are different routes to approach this problem: from studying the photoresponse of the individual building blocks in vacuum to the investigation of living cells. Here, we use the bottom-up principle, i. e. we start from the small individual building blocks and slowly increase the complexity of the system. In addition, we study these system in aqueous environment. Our method of choice is time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy in solution. This technique in principle allows us to follow the molecular dynamics in energy and time, and to identify all transient states involved.

Curriculum vitae

01/2017 - present: Scientist at Max-Born-Institute

  • Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of liquid samples
  • Excited state dynamics of biomolecules in solution

05/2015 - 12/2016: Scientist at Max-Born-Institute

  • Development of a superresolution camera for the soft x-ray regime in collaboration with a medium-sized enterprise
  • Laser-plasma physics, laser particle acceleration

12/2014 - 05/2015 guest scientist at Max-Born-Instiute

  • Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of liquid samples
  • Excited state dynamics of biomolecules in solution

10/2014 - 01/2015 Teacher

03/2014-10/2014 Scientist at Max-Born-Institute

  • Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of liquid samples
  • Excited state dynamics of biomolecules in solution

03/2013 - 02/2014 Scientist at EPF Lausanne (Switzerland)

  • Time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy, X-ray scattering and X-ray diffraction
  • Femtoslicing

05/2008 - 02/2013 Scientist at Max-Born-Institut

  • Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of liquid samples
  • Excited state dynamics of biomolecules in solution

10/2007 - 01/2008 PostDoc at Freie Universität (FU) Berlin

10/2002 - 10/2007 PhD student at Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena

  • Time-resolved x-ray diffraction
  • Laser-plasma interaction
  • X-ray emission spectroscopy
  • Dissertation: Time-resolved X-ray diffraction on superconducting YBa2Cu3O7 epitaxially grown on SrTiO3

10/1997 - 09/2002 Studies of physics (Diplom) at Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena

  • Diploma work: "Exploitation of the Borrmann effect for the development of an ultrafast x-ray switch"

MBI Publications

  1. Controlling energy distribution of fast ions and X-ray emission via target reliefs in ultrafast and relativistic laser plasma interaction

    A. Andreev, M. V. Sedov, K. Yu. Platonov, A. Lübcke, M. Schnürer

    Physics of Plasmas 26 (2019) 113110/1-13
  2. Monitoring of evolving laser induced periodic surface structures

    A. Lübcke, Z. Pápa, M. Schnürer

    Applied Sciences 9 (2019) 3636/1-12
  3. Parametric study of cycle modulation in laser driven ion beams and acceleration field retrieval at femtosecond time scale

    M. Schnürer, J. Braenzel, A. Lübcke, A. A. Andreev

    Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 22 (2019) 014201/1-9
  4. Soft X-ray nanoscale imaging using a superresolution CCD camera

    A. Lübcke, J. Braenzel, A. Dehlinger, M. Schnürer, H. Stiel, P. Guttmann, S. Rehbein, G. Schneider, S. Werner, R. Kemmler, S. Ritter, M. Raugust, T. Wende, M. Behrendt, M. Regehly

    Review of Scientific Instruments 90 (2019) 043111/1-9
  5. Interaction of ultrafast laser pulses with nanostructure surfaces

    A. Lübcke, M. Schnürer, L. Ehrentraut, R. Wehner, R. Grunwald, E. McGlynn, D. Byrne, S. Lowry

    Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry: Surface Science and Electrochemistry / Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering Elsevier, Kidlington, Oxford, UK (2018) 420-432
  6. Soft X-ray nanoscale imaging using highly brilliant laboratory sources and new detector concepts

    H. Stiel, J. Braenzel, A. Dehlinger, R. Jung, A. Lübcke, M. Regehly, S. Ritter, J. Tümmler, M. Schnürer, C. Seim

    SPIE Proceedings Series 10243 (2017) 1024309/1-10
  7. Prospects of target nanostructuring for laser proton acceleration

    A. Lübcke, A. A. Andreev, S. Höhm, R. Grunwald, L. Ehrentraut, M. Schnürer

    Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 44030/1-8
  8. Ultrafast formation of a charge density wave state in 1T−TaS2: observation at nanometer scales using time-resolved X-ray diffraction

    C. Laulhé, T. Huber, G. Lantz, A. Ferrer, S. O. Mariager, S. Grübel, J. Rittmann, J. A. Johnson, V. Esposito, A. Lübcke, L. Huber, M. Kubli, M. Savoini, V. L. R. Jacques, L. Cario, B. Corraze, E. Janod, G. Ingold, P. Beaud, S. L. Johnson, S. Ravy

    Physical Review Letters 118 (2017) 247401/1-6
  9. Excited-state relaxation of hydrated thymine and thymidine measured by liquid-jet photoelectron spectroscopy: experiment and simulation

    F. Buchner, A. Nakayama, S. Yamazaki, H.-H. Ritze, A. Lübcke

    Journal of American Chemical Society 137 (2015) 2931-2938
  10. Femtosecond X-ray absorption study of electron localization in photoexcited anatase TiO2

    F. G. Santomauro, A. Lübcke, J. Rittmann, E. Baldini, A. Ferrer, M. Silatani, P. Zimmermann, S. Grübel, J. Johnson, S. O. Mariager, P. Beaud, D. Grolimund, C. Borca, G. Ingold, S. Johnson, M. Chergui

    Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 14834/1-6