3.3 Transient Structures and Imaging with X-rays

Project coordinators: M. Woerner, B. Pfau

T1: Nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy with soft X-rays

Imaging with soft X-rays combines high spatial resolution (< 50 nm) with unique contrast mechanisms, such as spectroscopic and magnetic contrast, and high penetration depth. In addition, the time structure of the X-ray sources enables time-resolved imaging with picosecond down to femtosecond temporal resolution. The key issue of X-ray imaging is to efficiently solve the phase problem, i. e., the loss of the scattered wave's phase information upon detection. We particularly employ (and further develop) three different methods: numerical iterative phase retrieval from a coherent diffraction pattern, interference with a reference wave (holography), and full-field microscopy using a diffractive X-ray lens.

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