MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Dr. Martin Richter

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Electron transfer pathways and dynamics in drosophila cryptochrome - the role of protein electrostatics

    M. Richter, B. P. Fingerhut

    Ultrafast Phenomena XXI 205 EPJ Web of Conferences (2019) 10009/1-3
  2. Coupled excitation energy and charge transfer dynamics in reaction centre inspired model systems

    M. Richter, B. P. Fingerhut

    Faraday Discussions 216 (2019) 72-93
  3. Coarse-grained representation of the quasi adiabatic propagator path integral for the treatment of non-Markovian long-time bath memory

    M. Richter, B. P. Fingerhut

    Journal of Chemical Physics 146 (2017) 214101/1-13
  4. Simulation of multi-dimensional signals in the optical domain: Quantum-classical feedback in nonlinear exciton propagation

    M. Richter, B. P. Fingerhut

    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 12 (2016) 3284–3294
  5. Theory of electron-phonon interactions on nanoscales: semiconductor surfaces and two dimensional electron gases

    N. Buecking, S. Butscher, M. Richter, C. Weber, S. Declair, M. Woerner, K. Reimann, P. Kratzer, M. Scheffler, A. Knorr

    SPIE Proceedings 6892 (2008) 689209 (13 pages)