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MBI Publications

  1. 1,4-Phenylene diisocyanide (PDI) interaction with low-coordinated au sites – dissociation and adsorbate-induced restructuring

    A. Ghalgaoui, N. Doudin, E. Kelderer , M. Sterrer

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (2019) 7870-7878
  2. Identification of active sites in oxidation reaction from real-time probing of adsorbate motion over Pd nanoparticles

    A. Ghalgaoui, R. Horchani, J. Wang, A. Ouvrard, S. Carrez, B. Bourguignon

    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 (2018) 5202–5206
  3. Resonant second-order nonlinear terahertz response of gallium arsenide

    A. Ghalgaoui, K. Reimann, M. Woerner, T. Elsaesser, C. Flytzanis, K. Biermann

    Physical Review Letters 121 (2018) 266602/1-6
  4. Electron to adsorbate energy transfer in nanoparticles: adsorption site, size, and support matter

    A. Ghalgaoui, A. Ouvrard, J. Wang, S. Carrez, W. Zheng, B. Bourguignon

    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (2017) 2666–2671