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MBI Publikationen

  1. Knotted topologies in the polarization state of bichromatic light

    E. Pisanty

    SPIE Proceedings Series 11818 (2021) 1181809/1-9
  2. Optical polarization skyrmionic fields in free space

    R. Gutiérrez-Cuevas, E. Pisanty

    Journal of Optics 23 (2021) 024004/1-9
  3. A systematic construction of Gaussian basis sets for the description of laser field ionization and high-harmonic generation

    A. P. Wozniak, M. Lesiuk, M. Przybytek, D. K. Efimov, J. S. Prauzner-Bechcicki, M. Mandrysz, M. Ciappina, E. Pisanty, J. Zakrzewski, M. Lewenstein, R. Moszynski

    The Journal of Chemical Physics 154 (2021) 094111/1-19
  4. Conservation laws for electron vortices in strong-field ionisation

    Y. Kang, E. Pisanty, M. Ciappina, M. Lewenstein, C. Figueira de Morisson Faria, A. S. Maxwell

    The European Physical Journal D 75 (2021) 199/1-10
  5. Principal frequency of an ultrashort laser pulse

    E. G. Neyra, P. Vaveliuk, E. Pisanty, A. S. Maxwell, M. Lewenstein, M. F. Ciappina

    Physical Review A 103 (2021) 053124/1-11
  6. Quantum-Optical spectrometry in relativistic laser–plasma interactions using the high-harmonic generation process: A Proposal

    T. Lamprou, R. Lopez-Martens, S. Haessler, I. Liontos, S. Kahaly, J. Rivera-Dean, P. Stammer, E. Pisanty, M. F. Ciappina, M.Lewenstein, P. Tzallas

    Photonics 8 (2021) 192/1-12
  7. New schemes for creating large optical Schrödinger cat states using strong laser fields

    J. Rivera-Dean, P. Stammer, E. Pisanty, T. Lamprou, P. Tzallas, M. Lewenstein, M. F. Ciappina

    Journal of Computational Electronics 20 (2021) 2111–2123
  8. Generation of optical Schrödinger cat states in intense laser–matter interactions

    M. Lewenstein, M. F. Ciappina, E. Pisanty, J. Rivera-Dean, P. Stammer, T. Lamprou, P. Tzallas

    Nature Physics 17 (2021) 1104–1108
  9. Dialogue on analytical and ab initio methods in attoscience

    G. S. J. Armstrong, M. A. Khokhlova, M. Labeye, A. S. Maxwell, E. Pisanty, M. Ruberti

    European Physical Journal D 75 (2021) 209/1-31
  10. Control of attosecond light polarization in two-color bicircular fields

    Jiménez Galán, Á., N. Zhavoronkov, D. Ayuso, F. Morales, S. Patchkovskii, M. Schloz, E. Pisanty, O. Smirnova, M. Ivanov

    Physical Review A 97 (2018) 023409/1-14