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  1. Capturing electron-driven chiral dynamics in UV-excited molecules

    V. Wanie, E. Bloch , E. P. Månsson, L. Colaizzi, S. Ryabchuk, K. Saraswathula, A. F. Ordonez, D. Ayuso, O. Smirnova, A. Trabattoni, V. Blanchet, N. Ben Amor, M.-C. Heitz, Y. Mairesse, B. Pons, F. Calegari

    Nature 630 (2024) 109-115
  2. Tilting light’s polarization plane to spatially separate the ultrafast nonlinear response of chiral molecules

    L. Rego, O. Smirnova, D. Ayuso

    Nanophotonics 12 (2023) 2873-2879
  3. Geometric magnetism and anomalous enantio-sensitive observables in photoionization of chiral molecules

    A. Ordonez, D. Ayuso, P. Decleva, O. Smirnova

    Commun. Phys. 6 (2023) 257/1-11
  4. Structuring the local handedness of synthetic chiral light: global chirality versus polarization of chirality

    L. Rego, D. Ayuso

    New Journal of Physics 25 (2023) 093005/1-17
  5. Ultrafast control over chiral sum-frequency generation

    J. Vogwell, L. Rego, O. Smirnova, D. Ayuso

    Science Advances 9 (2023) eadj1429/1-6
  6. Strong chiral response in non-collinear high harmonic generation driven by purely electric-dipole interactions

    D. Ayuso, A. F. Ordonez, P. Decleva, M. Ivanov, O. Smirnova

    Optics Express 30 (2022) 4659-4667
  7. New opportunities for ultrafast and highly enantio-sensitive imaging of chiral nuclear dynamics enabled by synthetic chiral light

    D. Ayuso

    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 24 (2022) 10193-10200
  8. Ultrafast chirality: the road to efficient chiral measurements

    D. Ayuso, A. F. Ordonez, O. Smirnova

    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 24 (2022) 26962-26991
  9. Synthetic chiral vortices for highly-sensitive chiral discrimination

    N. Mayer, D. Ayuso, M. Ivanov, O. Smirnova

    Frontiers in Optics 2022 Optica Publishing Group (2022)
  10. Ultrafast optical rotation in chiral molecules with ultrashort and tightly focused beams

    D. Ayuso, A. Ordonez, M. Ivanov, O. Smirnova

    Optica 8 (2021) 1243-1246