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MBI Publikationen

  1. Controlled compression, amplification and frequency up-conversion of optical pulses by media with time-dependent refractive index

    A. G. Lohr, M. Y. Ivanov, M. A. Khokhlova

    Nanophotonics online (2023) 0818/1-8
  2. Generation of attosecond pulses with a controllable carrier-envelope phase via high-order frequency mixing

    V. A. Birulia, M. A. Khokhlova, V. V. Strelkov

    Physical Review A 106 (2022) 023514/1-10
  3. Interferometry of quantum revivals

    J. Tarrant, M. Khokhlova, V. Averbukh

    Journal of Chemical Physics 157 (2022) 054304/1-8
  4. Enantiosensitive steering of free-induction decay

    M. Khokhlova, E. Pisanty, S. Patchkovskii, O. Smirnova, M. Ivanov

    Science Advances 8 (2022) eabq1962 /1-8
  5. Dialogue on analytical and ab initio methods in attoscience

    G. S. J. Armstrong, M. A. Khokhlova, M. Labeye, A. S. Maxwell, E. Pisanty, M. Ruberti

    European Physical Journal D 75 (2021) 209/1-31
  6. Polarization control of quasimonochromatic XUV light produced via resonant high-order harmonic generation

    M. A. Khokhlova, M. Yu. Emelin, M. Yu. Ryabikin, V. V. Strelkov

    Physical Review A 103 (2021) 043114/1-8
  7. High-order parametric generation of coherent XUV radiation

    O. Hort, A. Dubrouil, M. A. Khokhlova, D. Descamps, S. Petit, F. Burgy, E. Mével, E. Constant, V. V. Strelkov

    Optics Express 29 (2021) 5982-5992
  8. Highly efficient XUV generation via high-order frequency mixing

    M. A. Khokhlova, V. V. Strelkov

    New Journal of Physics 22 (2020) 093030/1-13