4.3 Nanoscale Samples and Optics

Project coordinators: W. Engel

T1: Functional magnetic nanoscaled layer systems

Functional magnetic nanoscale layer systems

Model sample systems for experiments are developped. For instance, ferromagnetic metallic thin films and multilayers are grown to explore the influence of magnetic and chemical nanoscale inhomogeneities on ultrafast spin dynamics and ultrafast magnetic switching.

Ferrimagnetic layer systems

Ferrimagnetic systems can be tuned via several parameters: exchange coupling, spin-orbit interaction, magnetocrystalline anisotropy, magnetization and compen-sation temperature. The interaction with light depends on these parameters.

Non-magnetic layer systems

Au mirror coating by thermal evaporation.

Material standards

We produce test and callibration samples, e.g. here for lab-based NEXAFS measurements.

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