4.1 Implementation of Lasers and Measuring Techniques

Project coordinators: U. Griebner, I. Will, F. Furch

T3: Implementation of experimental and measuring techniques

Tobias Witting

This topic is concerned with the improvement of particular technologies, experimental methods and measurement techniques, and their implementation within the institute for the benefit of the activities in the program areas 1-3.

One example is the non-linear post-compression of primary laser sources. Within the institute we have an extensive know-how related to spectral broadening in gas-filled hollow-core fibers (HCF). This know-how, widely employed for the compression of few-mJ, multi-cycle pulses from Ti:Sapphire amplifiers, is now being extended to other laser systems within the institute: compression of already few-cycle pulses from OPCPA systems down to the single-cycle limit, compression of pulses at long wavelengths (mid-IR range) with high energy for generating water window high harmonics with high efficiency, etc.

Another important example is the improvement and implementation of advanced pulse characterization techniques. Advanced metrology is required in extended spectral regions -- for attosecond pulses in the XUV and few- or single-cycle pulses in the UV and mid-IR regions. Furthermore we research novel diagnostics for complex pulse characteristics, e.g. spatio-temporal couplings.

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