4.1 Implementation of Lasers and Measuring Techniques

Project coordinators: U. Griebner, I. Will, F. Furch


Photoinjector drive lasers
An important part of the project is devoted to the development of picosecond lasers at high average power, both in the burst-mode and the quasi-cw operation mode. One major applications of these lasers arise from collaborations with high-energy accelerator and Free Electron Laser projects. MBI has provided the Photo injector drive lasers for for the radio-frequncy guns of electron accelerators and Free Electron Lasers (FELs). Furthermore, MBI develops special lasers for pump-probe experiments at electron accelerator and storage rings, such as the so-called Pump-Probe Laser for FLASH or a special laser for the MAXYMUS microscope te the BESSY storage ring.


In the frame of this topic advanced OPCPA sources generating ultrashort pulses in the near- and mid-infrared wavelength range have been developed. The high energy OPCPA systems have been nearly completed in 2018 and provide record-setting output parameters. The application of these OPCPA sources dedicated for the research in the topical areas 2 and 3 require significant attention to reliability and stability of the systems. This implies that the improvement and engineering of these OPCPA systems is an important and constant theme in this topic.


This topic is concerned with the improvement of particular technologies, experimental methods and measurement techniques, and their implementation within the institute for the benefit of the activities in the program areas 1-3.

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