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MBI Publications

  1. Ab-intio study of ultrafast charge dynamics in graphene

    Q. Z. Li, P. Elliott, J. K. Dewhurst, S. Sharma, S. Shallcross

    Physical Review B 103 (2021) L081102/1-6
  2. Perfect and controllable nesting in minimally twisted bilayer graphene

    M. Fleischmann, R. Gupta, F. Wullschläger, S. Theil, D. Weckbecker, V. Meded, S. Sharma, B. Meyer, S. Shallcross

    NanoLetters 20 (2020)
  3. Superconducting subphase and substantial Knight shift in Sr2RuO4

    R. Gupta, T. Saunderson, S. Shallcross, M. Gradhand, J. Quintanilla, J. Annett

    Physical Review B 102 (2020) 235203/1-11
  4. Dislocation and node states in bilayer graphene systems

    D. Weckbecker, R. Gupta, F. Rost, S. Sharma, S. Shallcross

    Physical Review B 99 (2019) 195405/1-9
  5. Straintronics beyond homogeneous deformation

    R. Gupta, F. Rost, M. Fleischmann, S. Sharma, S. Shallcross

    Physical Review B 99 (2019) 125407/1-17
  6. Nonperturbative theory of effective Hamiltonians for deformations in two-dimensional materials: Moiré systems and dislocations

    F. Rost, R. Gupta, M. Fleischmann, D. Weckbecker, N. Ray, J. Olivares, M. Vogl, S. Sharma, O. Pankratov, S. Shallcross

    Physical Review B 100 (2019) 035101/1-15
  7. Deformation induced pseudo-magnetic fields in complex carbon architectures

    R. Gupta, S. Maisel, F. Rost, D. Weckbecker, M. Fleischmann, H. Soni, S. Sharma, A. Görling, S. Shallcross

    Physical Review B 100 (2019) 085135/1-13
  8. Complete description of the magnetic ground state in spinel vanadates

    J. Krishna, N. Singh, S. Shallcross, J. K. Dewhurst, E. K. U. Gross, T. Maitra, S. Sharma

    Physical Review B 100 (2019) 081102/1-5
  9. Substrate-controlled ultrafast spin injection and demagnetization

    J. K. Dewhurst, S. Shallcross, E. K. U. Gross, S. Sharma

    Physical Review Applied 10 (2018) 044065/1-8