MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Pascal Rustige

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Influence of the doppler effect of a periodically moving mirror on the carrier-envelope frequency of a pulse train

    P. Rustige, T. Feng, G. Steinmeyer

    Optics Letters 44 (2019) 5246-5249
  2. Electric-field induced second-harmonic generation of femtosecond pulses in atmospheric air

    T. Feng, N. Raabe, P. Rustige, G. Steinmeyer

    Applied Physics Letters 112 (2018) 24110/1-4
  3. Intracavity measurement of the electro-optic Kerr effect via carrier-envelope phase demodulation

    T. Feng, P. Rustige, N. Raabe, G. Steinmeyer

    Optics Letters 41 (2016) 5158-5161