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  1. Mode-independent quantum entanglement for light

    J. Sperling, A. Perez-Leija, K. Busch, C. Silberhorn

    Physical Review A 100 (2019) 062129/1-10
  2. Two-particle quantum correlations in stochastically-coupled networks

    Léon-Montiel, R. de J. , V. Méndez , M. A. Quiroz-Juárez, A. Ortega, L. Benet, A. Perez-Leija, K. Busch

    New Journal of Physics 21 (2019) 053041/1-12
  3. Exceptional points of any order in a single, lossy waveguide beam splitter by photon-numberresolved detection

    Quiroz-Juárez, M. A. , A. Perez-Leija, K. Tschernig, Rodríguez-Lara, B. M. , Magaña-Loaiza, O. S. , K. Busch, Joglekar, Y. N. , León-Montiel, R. de J.

    Photonics Research 7 (2019) 862/1-6
  4. Single-step fabrication of surface waveguides in fused silica with few-cycle laser pulses

    F. J. Furch, W. D. Engel, T. Witting, M. J. J. Vrakking, A. Perez-Leija, A. Mermillod-Blondin

    Optics Letters 44 (2019) 4267-4270
  5. Multiphoton quantum-state engineering using conditional measurements

    O. S. Magaña-Loaiza, R. de J. León-Montiel, A. Perez-Leija, A. B. U’Ren, C. You, K. Busch, A. E. Lita, S. W. Nam, R. P. Mirin, T. Gerrits

    npj Quantum Information 5 (2019) 80/1-7
  6. Two-particle four-point correlations in dynamically disordered tight-binding networks

    A. Perez-Leija, León-Montiel, R. de J., J. Sperling, H. Moya-Cessa, A. Szameit, K. Busch

    Journal of Physics B-Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 51 (2018) 024002/1-9
  7. Endurance of quantum coherence due to particle indistinguishability in noisy quantum networks

    A. Perez-Leija, D. Guzmán-Silva, de J. León-Montiel, R. , M. Gräfe, M. Heinrich, H. Moya-Cessa, K. Busch, A. Szameit

    npj Quantum Information 4 (2018) 45/1-12
  8. Multiphoton discrete fractional Fourier dynamics in waveguide beam splitters

    K. Tschernig, de J. León-Montiel, R. , O. S. Magaña-Loaiza, A. Szameit, K. Busch, A. Perez-Leija

    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 35 (2018) 1985-1989
  9. Advanced-retarded differential equations in quantum photonic systems

    U. Alvarez-Rodriguez, A. Perez-Leija, I.-L. Egusquiza, M. Gräfe, M. Sanz, L. Lamata, A. Szameit, E. Solano

    Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 42933
  10. Dynamical Casimir effect in stochastic systems: Photon-harvesting through noise

    R. Román-Ancheyta, I. Ramos-Prieto, A. Perez-Leija, K. Busch, R. de J. León-Montiel

    Physical Review A 96 (2017) 032501/1-6