MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Dr. Armando Perez-Leija

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Branching high-order exceptional points in Non-Hermitian optical systems

    K. Tschernig, K. Busch, D. N. Christodoulides, A. Perez-Leija

    Laser & Photonics Reviews 16 (2022) 2100707/1-9
  2. Topological protection of partially coherent light

    K. Tschernig, G. Martinez-Niconoff, K. Busch, M. A. Bandres, A. Perez-Leija

    Photonics Research 10 (2022) 1223-1231
  3. Multiphoton processes via conditional measurements in the two-field interaction

    J. A. Anaya-Contreras, A. Zúñiga-Segundo, A. Perez-Leija, R. de J. León-Montiel, H. M. Moya-Cessa

    Journal of Optics 23 (2021) 095201/1-9
  4. Topological protection of highly entangled non-Gaussian two-photon states

    K. Tschernig, R. Lo Franco, M. Y. Ivanov, M. A. Bandres, K. Busch, A. Perez-Leija

    Materials for Quantum Technology 1 (2021) 035001/1-10
  5. Quantum transport in non-Markovian dynamically disordered photonic lattices

    R. Román-Ancheyta, B. Çakmak, R. de J. León-Montiel, A. Perez-Leija

    Physical Review A 103 (2021) 033520/1-11
  6. Direct observation of the particle exchange phase of photons

    K. Tschernig, C. Müller, M. Smoor, T. Kroh, J. Wolters, O. Benson, K. Busch, A. Perez-Leija

    Nature Photonics 15 (2021) 1-5
  7. Topological protection versus degree of entanglement of two-photon light in photonic topological insulators

    K. Tschernig, Á. Jiménez Galán, D. N. Christodoulides, M. Y. Ivanov, K. Busch, M. A. Bandres, A. Pérez-Leija

    Nature Communications 12 (2021) 1974/1-7
  8. Non-adiabatic dynamic-phase-free geometric phase in multiport photonic lattices

    K. Wang, A. Perez-Leija, S. Weimann, A. Szameit

    Journal of Optics 22 (2020) 035801/2-8
  9. Multiphoton synthetic lattices in multiport waveguide arrays: synthetic atoms and Fock graphs

    K. Tschernig, de J. León-Montiel,R. , A. Pérez-Leija, K. Busch

    Photonics Research 8 (2020) 1161-1170
  10. Photoinscription of optical microstructures in fused silica with few-cycle pulses

    F. J. Furch, W. D. Engel, T. Witting, A. Perez-Leija, D. Biasetti, G. Torchia, M. J. J. Vrakking, A. Mermillod-Blondin

    SPIE Proceedings Series 11268 (2020) 11268ON/1-6