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Dr. Jan Geilhufe

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  1. Achieving diffraction-limited resolution in soft-x-ray Fourier-transform holography

    J. Geilhufe, B. Pfau, C. M. Günther, M. Schneider, S. Eisebitt

    Ultramicroscopy 214 (2020) 113005/1-29
  2. Ultrafast demagnetization dominates fluence dependence of magnetic scattering at Co M edges

    M. Schneider, B. Pfau, C. M. Günther, von Korff Schmising, C., D. Weder, J. Geilhufe, J. Perron, F. Capotondi, E. Pedersoli, M. Manfredda, M. Hennecke, B. Vodungbo, J. Lüning, S. Eisebitt

    Physical Review Letters 125 (2020) 127201 /1-5
  3. Field-free deterministic ultrafast creation of magnetic skyrmions by spin–orbit torques

    F. Büttner, I. Lemesh, M. Schneider, B. Pfau, C. M. Günther, P. Hessing, J. Geilhufe, L. Caretta, D. Engel, B. Krüger, J. Viefhaus, S. Eisebitt, G. S. D. Beach

    Nature Nanotechnology 12 (2017) 1040–1044
  4. Multi-color imaging of magnetic Co/Pt heterostructures

    F. Willems, von Korff Schmising, C., D. Weder, C. M. Günther, M. Schneider, B. Pfau, S. Meise, E. Guehrs, J. Geilhufe, A. El Din Merhe, E. Jal, B. Vodungbo, J. Lüning, B. Mahieu, F. Capotondi, E. Pedersoli, D. Gauthier, M. Manfredda, S. Eisebitt

    Structural Dynamics 4 (2017) 014301/1-13
  5. Experimental evaluations of signal-to-noise in spectro-holography via modified uniformly redundant arrays in the soft x-ray and extreme ultraviolet spectral regime

    C. M. Günther, E. Guehrs, M. Schneider, B. Pfau, von Korff Schmising, C., J. Geilhufe, S. Schaffert, S. Eisebitt

    Journal of Optics 19 (2017) 064002/1-11
  6. Imaging Non-Local Magnetization Dynamics

    von Korff Schmising, C., B. Pfau, M. Schneider, C. M. Günther, D. Weder, F. Willems, J. Geilhufe, E. Malm, L. Müller, B. Vodungbo, F. Capotondi, E. Pedersoli, M. Manfredda, J. Lüning, S. Eisebitt

    Synchrotron Radiation News 29 (2016) 26-31
  7. Holography-guided ptychography with soft Xrays

    P. Hessing, B. Pfau, E. Guehrs, M. Schneider, L. Shemilt, J. Geilhufe, S. Eisebitt

    Opt. Express 24 (2016) 1840-1851