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Dipl.-Phys. Bastian Borchers

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MBI Publikationen

  1. On the origin of flicker noise in carrier-envelope phase stabilization

    Y. Song, F. Lücking, B. Borchers, G. Steinmeyer

    Optics Letters 39 (2014) 6989-6992
  2. Acoustic frequency combs for carrier-envelope phase stabilization

    B. Borchers, F. Lücking, G. Steinmeyer

    Optics Letters 39 (2014) 544-547
  3. On the role of shot noise in carrier-envelope phase stabilization

    B. Borchers, A. Anderson, G. Steinmeyer

    Laser & Photonics Reviews 8 (2014) 303-315
  4. Imaging the impulsive alignment of noble-gas dimers via Coulomb explosion

    von Veltheim, A., B. Borchers, G. Steinmeyer, H. Rottke

    Physical Review A 89 (2014) 023432/1-12
  5. Carrier-envelope phase stabilization

    G.Steinmeyer, B. Borchers, F. Lücking

    Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science IX (2013) 89-110
  6. First measurement of the non-instantaneous response time of a χ(3) nonlinear optical effect

    S. K. Das, M. Bock, R. Grunwald, B. Borchers, J. Hyyti, G. Steinmeyer, D. Ristau, A. Harth, T. Vockerodt, T. Nagy, U. Morgner

    Ultrafast Phenomena XVIII EDP Sciences (2013) 12005/1-3
  7. Self-referenced scheme for direct synthesis of carrier-envelope phase stable pulses with jitter below the atomic time unit

    G. Steinmeyer, C. Grebing, B. Borchers, S. Koke

    Springer Proceedings in Physics 125 Springer (2012) 3-8
  8. Agile linear interferometric method for carrier-envelope phase drift measurement

    P. Jójárt, Á. Börzsönyi, B. Borchers, G. Steinmeyer, K. Osvay

    Optics Letters 37 (2012) 836-838
  9. Saturation of the all-optical Kerr effect in solids

    B. Borchers, C. Brée, S. Birkholz, A. Demircan, G. Steinmeyer

    Optics Letters 37 (2012) 1541-1543
  10. Carrier-envelope phase stabilization with sub-10 as residual timing jitter

    B. Borchers, S. Koke, A. Husakou, J. Herrmann, G. Steinmeyer

    Optics Letters 36 (2011) 4146-4148