Key statements on family- and life-stage conscious leadership

With the aim of a family- and life stage conscious leadership, MBI has developed the following key statements:


The MBI competes worldwide for the best minds. In order to create a positive and supportive working atmosphere, we consider it essential to recognize and individually consider family concerns in different life situations and phases.


The compromise between the consideration of individual family concerns and needs of individual employees on the one hand and working in teams at the institute on the other hand is important to us. For the teamwork and the creation of a "team spirit" it is necessary to meet and exchange information regularly on site. If this is only possible to a limited extent, we ensure regular exchange via online tools.

We communicate framework and limits clearly, both individually and for a team, and justify our decisions.


We attach great importance to fairness and treat all employees according to the same principles. Our dealings are characterized by mutual respect. Work results are in the foreground instead of the place of fulfillment and individual work time allocation.

We leave leeway in family situations and in return we expect a responsible approach to it, as well as transparent communication regarding the progress of work.