4.2 Application Laboratories and Technology Transfer

Project coordinators: M. Schnuerer, H. Stiel


The Berlin Laboratory for innovative X-ray Technologies aims at knowledge and technology transfer in this field.  BliX is a place of collaborative technology development in the knowledge triangle of research - innovation - education. BliX is jointly operated by the Technical University Berlin (TU Berlin) and the Max Born Institute (MBI) for Nonlinear Optics and Short Pulse Spectroscopy.


The NanoMovie project will establish an application laboratory where soft x-rays with photon energies into the water window (i.e. about 300 to 500 eV) are reliably generated with high stability for use in application experiments.


The research infrastructure of MBI focuses on amplified femtosecond laser and OPCPA systems in combination with setups for nonlinear frequency conversion, attosecond pulse generation, XUV and hard X-ray generation. Laboratories dedicated to particular classes of experiments based on the primary and secondary sources are equipped with custom setups for application experiments. Several of the MBI laboratories are made accessible as on-demand application laboratories to outside users for collaborations. Please contact the MBI directors or project coordinators for further information.

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