BLiX - Leibniz Application Lab Opening

BLiX, the Berlin Laboratory for Innovative X-ray Technologies, was inaugurated on 4 February in a ceremony at the Technical University of Berlin. BliX, is an application lab in the knowledge triangle of the university, research and companies. It is operated jointly by the Institute of Optics and Atomic Physics of the TU Berlin and the Max Born Institute. For the MBI, it fulfills the function of a "Leibniz application laboratory".

BLiX is based on the endowed chair for "Analytical X-ray Physics" (Prof. B. Kanngießer), which is supported by a corporate consortium. On a surface of approx. 250 m2 of high quality equipped by the TU, modern devices of X-ray analysis will be available for users from research and industry. The MBI has developed a novel disk laser as a driver for a high brilliance plasma X-ray source and will transfer a laboratory X-ray microscope, the product of a BMBF joint project, to BLiX. The TU offers an X-ray analysis device for art and cultural goods as well as a novel X-ray spectrometer. The offer is rounded off by a seminar room for training and educational purposes. The BLiX team currently has 10 employees under the direction of Dr. Ing. W. Malzer (TU) and dr. H. Stiel (MBI).

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Dr. med. Wolfgang Malzer, Technical University Berlin
Dr. Holger Stiel, Max Born Institute for Nonlinear Optics and Short Pulse Spectroscopy, (030) 6392 1351