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MBI Publications

  1. Narrowband, intracavity-pumped, type-II BaGa2GeSe6 optical parametric oscillator

    W. Chen, L. Wang, I. B. Divliansky, V. Pasiskevicius, O. Mhibik, K. M. Moelster, A. Zukauskas, L. B. Glebov, V. Petrov

    Optics Express 32 (2024)
  2. Spectroscopy of thulium ions in solid-solution sesquioxide laser ceramics: Inhomogeneous spectral line broadening, crystal-field engineering and C3i sites

    K. Eremeev, P. Loiko, S. Balabanov, T. Evstropov, D. Permin, O. Postnikova, V. Petrov, P. Camy, A. Braud

    Optical Materials 148 (2024) 114791/1-14
  3. Continuous-wave and SESAM mode-locked operation of Yb:YSr3(PO4)3 laser

    Z.-Q. Li, Z.-L. Lin, H.-J. Zeng, H.-Y. Nie, G. Zhang, G. Wu, F. Yu, X. Zhao, H.-C. Liang, V. Petrov, P. Loiko, X. Mateos, G. Wu, W. Chen

    Optics Express 32 (2024) 3974-3979
  4. Growth, spectroscopy and SESAM mode-locking of a “mixed” Yb:Ca(Gd,Y)AlO4 disordered crystal

    P. Zhang, W. Wu, Z.-L. Lin, Z.-Q. Li, P. Loiko, S. Normani, Z. Chen, Z. Li, G. Z. Elabedine, X. Mateos, H.-J. Zeng, G. Zhang, H.-Y. Nie, A. Braud, P. Camy, V. Petrov, W. Chen

    Optics Express 32 (2024)
  5. Direct amplification of femtosecond optical vortices in a single-crystal fiber

    C. Zheng, T. Du, L. Zhu, Z. Wang, K. Tian, Y. Zhao, Z. Yang, H. Yu, V. Petrov

    Photonics Research 12 (2024)
  6. Spectroscopy and 2.8 µm laser operation of disordered Er:CLNGG crystals

    S. Normani, P. Loiko, Z. Pan, E. Dunina, L. Fomicheva, A. Kornienko, A. Braud, W. Chen, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, P. Camy

    Optics Letters 48 (2023) 2567-2570
  7. Refined Sellmeier and thermo-optic dispersion formulas for BaGa4Se7

    K. Kato, K. Miyata, V. Petrov

    Optical Materials Express 13 (2023) 1852-1858
  8. Thermo-mechanical properties of BaGa2GeS(e)6 nonlinear optical crystals

    G. Exner, M. A. Susner, J. Murray, A. Grigorov, R. Siebenaller, B. S. Conner, E. Rowe, S. Guha, V. Petrov

    Optical Materials Express 13 (2023) 1335-1344
  9. Sub-50 fs diode-pumped SESAM mode-locked Yb:SrF2 laser

    W.-Z. Xue, P. Loiko, Z.-L. Lin, H.-J. Zeng, G. Zhang, A. Benayad, S. Normani, P. Camy, X. Mateos, V. Petrov, L. Wang, W. Chen

    Optics Express 31 (2023) 16634-16644
  10. Diode-pumped mode-locked Yb:Sc2SiO5 laser generating 38 fs pulses

    L. Dong, Z.-L. Lin, P. Loiko, Y. Liu, G. Zhang, H.-J. Zeng, W.-Z. Xue, S. Liu, L. Zheng, L. Su, X. Mateos, H. Lin, V. Petrov, L. Wang, W. Chen

    Optics Express 31 (2023) 12463-12470