MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Dr. Rui Emanuel Ferreira da Silva

+49 30 6392 1239

T1: Attosecond Theory Group
Building A, 2.09

MBI Publications

  1. Reconstruction of attosecond beating by interference of two-photon interband transitions in solids

    R. E. F. Silva, Á. Jiménez-Galán

    Physical Review A 106 (2022) 053103/1-8
  2. All-optical valley switch and clock of electronic dephasing

    R. E. F. Silva, M. Y. Ivanov, Á. Jiménez-Galán

    Optics Express 30 (2022) 30347-30355
  3. Lightwave control of topological properties in 2D materials for sub-cycle and non-resonant valley manipulation

    Á. Jiménez-Galán, R. E. F. Silva, O. Smirnova, M. Y. Ivanov

    Nature Photonics 14 (2020) 728/1-7
  4. Topological strong-field physics on sub-laser-cycle timescale

    R. E. F. Silva, Á. Jiménez-Galán, B. Amorim, O. Smirnova, M. Y. Ivanov

    Nature Photonics 13 (2019) 849-854