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Dr. Juergen Ehlert

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Stepwise two-photon excited fluorescence from higher excited states of chlorophylls in photosynthetic antenna complexes

    D. Leupold, K. Teuchner, J. Ehlert, K.-D. Irrgang, G. Renger, H. Lokstein

    The Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (2006) 25381-25387
  2. Spectral substructure and excitonic interacitons in the minor photosystem II antenna complex CP29 as revealed by nonlinear polarization spectroscopy in the frequency domain

    B. Voigt, K.-D. Irrgang, J. Ehlert, W. Beenken, G. Renger, D. Leupold, H. Lokstein

    Biochemistry 41 (2002) 3049-56
  3. Two-photon excited fluorescence from higher electronic states of chlorophylls in photosynthetic antenna complexes: A new approach to detect strong excitonic chlorophyll a/b coupling

    D. Leupold, K. Teuchner, J. Ehlert, K.-D. Irrgang, G. Renger, H. Lokstein

    Biophysical Journal 82 (2002) 1580-1585
  4. Spectral substructure and excitonic interactions in the plant antenna complexes LHC II and CP29 as revealed by non-linear laser spectroscopy

    H. Lokstein, B. Voigt, A. Schubert, M. Krikounova, W. Beenken, K. Teuchner, J. Ehlert, K.-D. Irrgang, G. Renger, D. Leupold

    PS 2001 Proceedings on the 12th International Congress on Photosynthesis CSIRO Publishing (2001) S31-013/1-4
  5. A numerical solver for rate equations and photon transport equations in nonlinear laser spectroscopy

    J. Ehlert, H. Stiel, K. Teuchner

    Comput. Phys. Commun. 124 (2000) 330-339
  6. Fluorescence studies of melanin by stepwise two-photon femtosecond laser excitation

    K. Teuchner, J. Ehlert, W. Freyer, D. Leupold, P. Altmeyer, M. Stücker, K. Hoffmann

    J. Fluorescence 10 (2000) 275-281
  7. Introduction of a 60 fs deactivation channel in the photosynthetic antenna LH1 by Ni-bacteriopheophytin a

    Fiedor, L. , Scheer, H., Hunter, N.C., Tschirschwitz, F., Voigt, B., Ehlert, J., Nibbering, E., Leupold, D., Elsaesser, T.

    Chemical Physics Letters 319 (2000) 145-152
  8. Photophysical characterization of the pure light harvesting antenna B850 of Rb. sphaeroides. Implications to ultrafast energy transfer 800-850 nm

    D. Leupold, H. Stiel, J. Ehlert, F. Nowak, K. Teuchner, B. Voigt, M. Bandilla, B. Ücker, H. Scheer

    Chemical Physics Letters 301 (1999) 537-545
  9. Instantaneous fluorescence quantum yield - a new quantity with characteristic 'fingerprints' for excited-state processes

    K. Teuchner, H. Stiel, J. Ehlert, I. Eichwurzel, D. Leupold, S. Oberländer

    Journal of Fluorescence 9 (1999) 67-71
  10. Determination of the aggregate size in chlorophyll a oligomers by non-linear absorption spectroscopy on the ps and fs timescale

    A. Schubert, M. A. Krikunova, H. Stiel, J. Ehlert, D. Leupold, H. Lokstein

    Photosynthesis:: Mechanisms and effects (1998) 325-329