MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Hans-Gerd Ludewig

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. CARS with femtosecond time resolution using fluctuating nanosecond laser pulses

    A. Kummrow, A. Lau, H.-G. Ludewig

    Opt. Commun. 107 (1994) 137-144
  2. Femtosecond time-resolved CARS using incoherent broadband lasers

    A. Kummrow, A. Lau, M. Pfeiffer, W. Werncke, H.-G. Ludewig

    Lith. J. of Phys. 34 (1994) 57-60
  3. Determination of fs-vibrational relaxation times of dyes by broadband ns-CARS

    A. Kummrow, H.-G. Ludewig, S. Woggon

    SPIE: Laser Applications in Life Sciences 2370 (1994) 207-228