MBI Staff Member – Personal info

Prof. Dr. Andrei Razjivin

No longer employed at MBI

MBI Publications

  1. Fluorescence of native and carotenoid-depleted LH2 from Chromatium minutissimum, originating from simultaneous two-photon absorption in the spectral range of the presumed (optically "dark") S1 state of carotenoids

    M. Krikunova, A. Kummrow, B. Voigt, M. Rini, H. Lokstein, A. Moskalenko, H. Scheer, A. Razjivin, D. Leupold

    FEBS Letters 528 (2002) 227-229
  2. Exciton delocalization in antenna complexes

    A. Razjivin, D. Leupold, V. Novoderezhkin

    Photosynthesis: Mechanisms and Effects 1 Kluwer Acadademic Publishers (1998) 15-20