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Georgyi Tarasov

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  1. Near field optical spectroscopy of GaAs/AlyGaA1-yAs quantum dot pairs grown by high-temperature droplet epitaxy

    R. Pomraenke, C. Lienau, Y. I. Mazur, Z. M. Wang, G. Tarasov, G. J. Salamo

    Physical Review B 77 (2008) 075314/1-7
  2. Tuning of the interdot resonance in stacked InAs quantum dot arrays by an external electric field

    V. G. Talalaev, J. W. Tomm, A. S. Sokolov, I. V. Shtrom, B. V. Novikov, A. T. Winzer, R. Goldhahn, G. Gobsch, N. D. Zakharov, P. Werner, U. Gösele, G. E. Cirlin, A. A. Tonkikh, V. M. Ustinov, G. G. Tarasov

    Journal of Applied Physics 100 (2006) 083704/1-7
  3. Carrier dynamics in laterally strain-modulated InGaAs-quantum wells

    V. Talalaev, J.W. Tomm, T. Elsaesser, U. Zeimer, J. Fricke, A. Knauer, H. Kissel, M. Weyers, G.G. Tarasov, J. Grenzer, U. Pietsch

    Applied Physics Letters 87 (2005) 262103/1-3
  4. Nonresonant tunneling carrier transfer in bi-layer asymmetric InAs/GaAs quantum dots

    Y.I. Mazur, Z.M. Wang, G.G. Tarasov, G.J. Salamo, J.W. Tomm, V. Talalaev, H. Kissel

    Physical Review B 71 (2005) 235313/1-8
  5. Transient luminescence of dense InAs/GaAs quantum dot arrays

    J.W. Tomm, T. Elsaesser, Yu I. Mazur, H. Kissel, G.G. Tarasov, Z.Ya. Zhuchenko, W.T. Masselink

    Physical Review B 67 (2003) 045326/1-8
  6. Midinfrared intersubband absorption in strain-compensated InGaP/InGaAs superlattices on (001) GaAs

    M.P. Semtsiv, G.G. Tarasov, W.T. Masselink, H. Kissel, M. Woerner

    Applied Physics Letters 82 (2003) 3418-3420
  7. Interdot energy transfer in a system of coupled InAs/GaAs quantum dots

    Y.I. Mazur, J.W. Tomm, G.G. Tarasov, H. Kissel, C. Walther, Z.Ya. Zhuchenko, W.T. Masselink

    Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 13 (2002) 255-258
  8. Staircase-like spectral dependence of ground-state luminescence time-constants in high-density InAs/GaAs quantum dots

    Yu. I. Mazur, J. W. Tomm, V. Petrov, G. G. Tarasov, H. Kissel, C. Walther, Z. Ya. Zhuchenko, W. T. Masselink

    Applied Physics Letters 78 (2001) 3214-16
  9. Carrier transfer in self-assembled coupled InAs/GaAs quantum dots

    G. Tarasov, Yu. I. Mazur, Z.Ya.Zhuchenko, A. Maaßdorf, D. Nickel, J.W. Tomm, H. Kissel, C. Walther, W.T. Masselink

    Journal of Applied Physics 88 (2000) 7162-7170
  10. Photoluminescence excitation due to hot excitons in narrow-gap Hg1-x-yCdxMnyTe

    J.W. Tomm, Y.I. Mazur, M.P. Lisitsa, G.G. Tarasov, F. Fuchs

    Semic. Sci. & Technol. 14 (1999) 148-155