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Daniel Ursescu

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  1. Laser beam delivery at ELI-NP

    D. Ursescu, G. Chériaux, P. Audebert, M. Kalashnikov, T. Toncian, M. Cherchez, M. Kaluza, G. Paulus, G. Priebe, R. Dabu, M. O. Cernaianu, M. Dinescu, T. Asavei, I. Dancus, L. Neagu, B. Boianu, C. Hooker, C. Barty, C. Haefner

    Romanian Reports in Physics 68 (2016) S11-S36
  2. Transient collisionally excited x-ray lasers pumped with one long and two short pulses

    D. Ursescu, G. Cojocaru, R. Ungureanu, R Banici, L. Ionel, S. Simion, R. Dabu, J. Tuemmler, R. Jung, H. Stiel, O. Delmas, M. Pittman, O. Guilbaud, S. Kazamias, K. Cassou, J. Demailly, O. Neveu, E. Baynard, D. Ros, A. Le Marec, S. Daboussi, L. Lu, A. Klisnick, P. Zeitoun

    X-Ray Lasers 2014, Springer Proceedings in Physics of the 14th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers 169 (2015) 53-59
  3. Pump energy reduction for a high gain Ag X-ray laser using one long and two short pump pulses

    R. A. Banici, G. V. Cojocaru, R. G. Ungureanu, R. Dabu, D. Ursescu, H. Stiel

    Optics Letters 37 (2012) 5130-5132
  4. PHELIX – Status and First Experiments

    T. Kuehl, R. Bock, S. Borneis, E. Brambeck, H. Brand, J. Caird, E. M. Campbell, K. Cassou, E. Gaul, S. Goette, C. Haefner, T. Hahn, H. M. Heuck, D.H. H. Hoffmann, D. Javarkova, A. Klisnick, H.-J. Kluge, S. Kunzer, T. Merz, P. Neumayer, P. Nickles, M. D. Perry, D. Reemts, D. Ros, M. Roth, S. Samek, W. Sandner, G. Schaumann, F. Schrader, W. Seelig, A. Tauschwitz, R. Thiel, D. Ursescu, P. Wiewior, U. Wittrock, B. Zielbauer

    Hyperfine Interactions 162 (2006) 55-62
  5. Transient collisionally pumped X-ray laser at Phelix

    D. Ursescu, K. Cassou, A. Klisnick, T. Kuehl, P. Neumayer, P. Nickles, D. Ros, S. Borneis, E. Gaul, W. Geithner, C. Haefner, P. Wiewior

    Italian Physical Society, Conference Contribution of "Atoms and Plasmas in Super-Intense Laser Fields" 88 (2004) 413-418