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  1. Direct observation of femtosecond laser induced modifications in the bulk of fused silica by phase contrast microscopy

    A. Mermillod-Blondin, I. M. Burakov, R. Stoian, A. Rosenfeld, E. Audouard, N. Bulgakova, I. V. Hertel

    Journal of Laser Micro/Nanoengineering 1 (2006) 155-160
  2. Tailored excitation sequences for optimized laser-induced modifications in bulk transparent materials exposed to sub-ps irradiation

    A. Mermillod-Blondin, R. Stoian, M. L. Boyle, A. Rosenfeld, I. M. Burakov, N. Bulgakova, E. Audouard, I. V. Hertel

    Photonics Photon Processing in Microelectronics and Photonics V 6106 SPIE Proceedings (2006) 610601/1-9
  3. Fast electronic transport and coulomb explosion in ultrafast laser irradiated materials

    N. M. Bulgakova, R. Stoian, A. Rosenfeld, I. V. Hertel, E. E. B. Campbell

    Laser Ablation and its Applications Part I Photonic Associates (2006) 525-544
  4. Optimized energy coupling at ultrafast laser-irradiated metal surfaces by tailoring intensity envelopes: Consequences for material removal from Al samples

    J. P. Colombier, P. Combis, A. Rosenfeld, I. V. Hertel, E. Audouard, R. Stoian

    Physical Review B 74 (2006) 224106/1-16
  5. Transient response of dielectric materials exposed to ultrafast laser radiation

    S. W. Winkler, I. M. Burakov, R. Stoian, N. M. Bulgakowa, A. Husakou, A. Mermillod-Blondin, A. Rosenfeld, D. Ashkenasi, I. V. Hertel

    Applied Physics A - Materials Science & Processing 84 (2006) 413-422
  6. Scalable multichannel micromachining with pseudo-nondiffracting vacuum ultraviolet beam arrays generated by thin-film axicons

    R. Grunwald, U. Neumann, A. Rosenfeld, J. Li, P.R. Herman

    Optics Letters 31 (2006) 1666-1668
  7. Roughness evolution in thin film growth of SiO2 and Nb2O5

    F. Elsholz, E. Scholl, C. Scharfenorth, G. Seewald, H. Eichler, A. Rosenfeld

    Journal of Applied Physics 98 (2005) 103516/1-7
  8. Adaptive control of ion beams produced by ultrafast laser ablation of silicon

    R. Stoian, N. M. Bulgakova, A. Mermillod-Blondin, A. Rosenfeld, M. Spyridaki, E. Koudoumas, C. Fotakis, I. V. Hertel

    Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors and Nanostructure Materials IX 5725-50 (2005) 329-343
  9. Temporal pulse manipulation and consequences for ultrafast laser processing of materials

    R. Stoian, A. Mermillod-Blondin, S. W. Winkler, A. Rosenfeld, I. V. Hertel, M. Spyridaki, E. Koudoumas, P. Tzanetakis, C. Fotakis, I. M. Burakov, N. M. Bulgakova

    Optical Engineering 44 (2005) 051106/1-10
  10. Optimization of ultrafast laser generated low-energy ion beams from silicon targets

    R. Stoian, A. Mermillod-Blondin, N. M. Bulgakova, A. Rosenfeld, I. V. Hertel, M. Spyridaki, E. Koudoumas, P. Tzanetakis, C. Fotakis

    Applied Physics Letters 87 (2005) 124105/1-3