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Prof. Dr. Alexander Andreev


B3: Laser Development
Haus B, 3.16

MBI Publikationen

  1. A laser wakefield acceleration facility using SG-II petawatt laser system

    X. Liang, Y. Yi, S. Li, P. Zhu, X. Xie, H. Liu, G. J. Mu, Z. G. Liu, A. Guo, J. Kang, Q. Yang, H. Zhu, Q. Gao, M. Sun, H. Lu, Y. Ma, S. Mondal, D. Papp, S. Majorosi, Z. Lécz, A. Andreev, S. Kahaly, C. Kamperidis, N. A. M. Hafz, J. Zhu

    Review of Scientific Instruments 93 (2022) 033504/1-11
  2. Pair production seeded by electrons in noble gases as a method for laser intensity diagnostics

    I. A. Aleksandrov, A. A. Andreev

    Physical Review A 104 (2021) 052801/1-12
  3. Kinematics of femtosecond laser-generated plasma expansion: Determination of sub-micron density gradient and collisionality evolution of over-critical laser plasmas

    G. G. Scott, G. F. H. Indorf, M. A. Ennen, P. Forestier-Colleoni, S. J. Hawkes, L. Scaife, M. Sedov, D. R. Symes, C. Thornton, F. Beg, T. Ma, P. McKenna, A. A. Andreev, U. Teubner, D. Neely

    Physics of Plasmas 28 (2021) 093109/1-10
  4. Generation and collective interaction of giant magnetic dipoles in laser cluster plasma

    A. Andreev, K. Platonov, Zs. Lécz, N. Hafz

    Scientific Reports 11 (2021) 15971 /1-9
  5. Sliding-wave acceleration of ions in high-density gas jet targets

    Zs. Lécz, A. Sharma, A. Andreev, J. Fülöp, C. Kamperidis

    Physical Review E 103 (2021) 053210/1-5
  6. Generation of high-quality GeV-class electron beams utilizing attosecond ionization injection

    Zs. Lécz, A. Andreev, C. Kamperidis, N. Hafz

    New Journal of Physics 23 (2021) 043016/1-10
  7. Substantial enhancement of betatron radiation in cluster targets

    Zs. Lécz, A. Andreev, N. Hafz

    Physical Review E 102 (2020) 053205/1-6
  8. Diagnostics of peak laser intensity by pair production from thin foil target

    Zs. Lécz, A. Andreev

    Laser Physics Letters 17 (2020) 056101/1-6
  9. Magnetic dipole moment generated in nano-droplets irradiated by circularly polarized laser pulse

    Zs. Lécz, A. Andreev

    Physical Review Research 2 (2020) 023088/1-8
  10. Angular dispersion boost of high order laser harmonics with Carbon nano-rods

    Zs. Lécz, A. Andreev

    Optics Express 28 (2020) 5355-5366