4.2 Application Laboratories and Technology Transfer

Project coordinators: M. Schnuerer, H. Stiel

Project Goals

Offering access to unique research facilities and new technologies developed at MBI

Since 2011, MBI and the Technische Universität Berlin run BLiX, the Berlin Laboratory for innovative X-ray Technologies, as a joint application laboratory. BLiX is located at the physics department of the TU Berlin and offers a combination of laser-driven X-ray sources with state-of-the-art equipment for X-ray applications in microscopy, materials characterisation and spectroscopy. BLiX serves as an interface between research and industry, aiming at the transformation of state-of-the-art research equipment and methods into application-oriented functional models, demonstrators or even commercial prototypes.
Within the project NanoMovie, MBI is developing the technology and setting up the infrastructure to operate an application laboratory providing ultrashort XUV and soft x-ray pulses to external users from academia and industry.

In light of the current demands of user experiments, which ever more frequently ask for access to a complete laboratory infrastructure including experimental setups, rather than access to laser systems only, MBI now operates most of its laser laboratories as on-demand application laboratories. In this way, external researchers can benefit from the latest developments and expertise at MBI for their research.

Trans-national access to all these MBI laboratories is facilitated by the Laserlab-Europe access programs.

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