1.2 Ultrafast Laser Physics and Nonlinear Optics

Project coordinators: G. Steinmeyer, M. Schnuerer, T. Nagy

Project Goals

This project is the home of MBI’s research activities in nonlinear optics and laser physics focusing on the development of novel light sources and time-resolved techniques.

Our primary goal is to strengthen MBI’s research on ultrafast and nonlinear phenomena in light-matter interaction with state-of-the-art technology from our own original research activities. Depending on the planned application of the technology, the focus of the development lies on superior pulse energy, short pulse duration, carrier-envelope phase stability, or high average power and repetition rate. A further goal is to cover a large range of the electromagnetic spectrum from THz to the soft X-rays with few-cycle pulses. Consequently, the project encompasses research on primary laser and parametric sources as well as on compression and wavelength conversion of the primary sources.

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