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Dr. Robert Carley

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  1. The valence band structure of Gadolinium studied with time-resolved photoemission

    B. Frietsch, J. Bowlan, R. Carley, M. Teichmann, J. Wolter, M. Weinelt

    Ultrafast Magnetism I, Springer Proceedings in Physics 159 Springer International Publishing Switzerland (2015) 274-277
  2. Disparate ultrafast dynamics of itinerant and localized magnetic moments in gadolinium metal

    B. Frietsch, J. Bowlan, R. Carley, M. Teichmann, S. Wienholdt, D. Hinzke, U. Nowak, K. Carva, P. M. Oppeneer, M. Weinelt

    Nature Communications 6 (2015) 8262-8270
  3. Transient band structures in the ultrafast demagnetization of ferromagnetic gadolinium and terbium

    M. Teichmann, B. Frietsch, K. Döbrich, R. Carley, M. Weinelt

    Physical Review B 91 (2015) 014425/1-9
  4. A high-order harmonic generation apparatus for time- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy

    B. Frietsch, R. Carley, K. Döbrich, C. Gahl, M. Teichmann, O. Schwarzkopf, P. Wernet, M. Weinelt

    Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (2013) 0175106/1-10
  5. Coverage-and temperature-controlled isomerization of an imine derivate on Au(111)

    C. Gahl, D. Brete, F. Leyssner, M. Koch, E. R. McNellis, J. Mielke, R. Carley, L. Grill, K. Reuter, P. Tegeder, M. Weinelt

    Journal of American Chemical Society 135 (2013) 4273-4281
  6. Mixed self-assembled monolayers of azobenzene photoswitches with trifluoromethyl and cyano end groups

    D. Brete, D. Pryzrembel, C. Eickhoff, R. Carley, W. Freyer, K. Reuter, C. Gahl, M. Weinelt

    Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 24 (2012) 394015/1-10
  7. Femtosecond laser excitation drives ferromagnetic Gadolinum out of magnetic equilibrium

    R. Carley, K. Döbrich, B. Frietsch, C. Gahl, M. Teichmann, O. Schwarzkopf, P. Wernet, M. Weinelt

    Physical Review Letters 109 (2012) 057401/1-4
  8. On the electronic and geometrical structure of the trans- and cis-isomer of tetra-tert-butyl-azobenzene on Au(111)

    R. Schmidt, S. Hagen, D. Brete, R. Carley, C. Gahl, J. Dokic, P. Saalfrank, S. Hecht, P. Tegeder, M. Weinelt

    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (2010) 4488 - 4497
  9. Structure and excitonic coupling in self-assembled monolayers of azobenzene-functionalized alkanethiols

    C. Gahl, R. Schmidt, D. Brete, E. McNellis, W. Freyer, R. Carley, K. Reuter, M. Weinelt

    Journal of American Chemical Society 132 (2010) 1831-1838
  10. Switching behavior and optical absorbance of azobenzene-functionalized alkanethiols in different environments

    W. Freyer, D. Brete, R. Schmidt, C. Gahl, R. Carley, M. Weinelt

    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A-Chemistry 204 (2009) 102-109