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Dr. Nirmalendu Acharyya

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  1. Mode-splitting in a microring resonator for self-referenced biosensing

    de Goede, M., M. Dijkstra, L. Chang, N. Acharyya, G. Kozyreff, R. Obregón, E. Martínez, S. M. García-Blanco

    Optics Express 29 (2021) 346-358
  2. Oscillatory dynamics of the spin-Boson model with ultrastrong interactions with the environment

    A. Acharyya, M. Richter, B. P. Fingerhut

    The 22nd International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena 2020 OSA Publishing (2020) doi.org/10.1364/UP.2020.Tu4A.35
  3. On the role of non-diagonal system-environment interactions in bridge-mediated electron transfer

    N. Acharyya, R. Ovcharenko, B. P. Fingerhut

    Journal of Chemical Physics 153 (2020) 185101/1-12
  4. Portable microresonator-based label-free detector: monotonous resonance splitting with particle adsorption

    N. Acharyya, M. Maher, G. Kozyreff

    Optics Express 27 (2019) 34997-35011
  5. Large Q factor with very small whispering-gallery-mode resonators

    N. Acharyya, G. Kozyreff

    Physical Review Applied 12 (2019) 014060/1-9