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Matthias Moeferdt

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MBI Publikationen

  1. Plasmonic modes in nanowire dimers: A study based on the hydrodynamic Drude model including nonlocal and nonlinear effects

    M. Moeferdt, T. Kiel, T. Sproll, F. Intravaia, K. Busch

    Physical Review B 97 (2018) 075431/1-10
  2. Second harmonic generation from metal nano-particle resonators: Numerical analysis on the basis of the hydrodynamic Drude model

    A. Hille, M. Moeferdt, C. Wolff, C. Matyssek, R. Rodriguez-Oliveros, C. Prohm, J. Niegemann, S. Grafström, L. Eng, K. Busch

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (2016) 1163–1169
  3. Ultrafast three-wave-mixing in plasmonic nanostructures

    D. Huynh, M. Moeferdt, C. Matyssek, C. Wolff, K. Busch

    Applied Physics B 122 (2016) 139/1-9
  4. Correlated photons in one-dimensional waveguides

    M. Moeferdt, P. Schmidteckert, K. Busch

    Optics Letters 38 (2013) 3693-3695