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Dr. Bernd Voigt

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  1. Pigment-pigment interactions in PCP of amphidinium carterae investigated by nonlinear polarization spectroscopy in the frequency domain

    M. Krikunova, H. Lokstein, D. Leupold, R. G. Hiller, B. Voigt

    Biophysical Journal 90 (2006) 261-271
  2. Spectral substructure and excitonic interacitons in the minor photosystem II antenna complex CP29 as revealed by nonlinear polarization spectroscopy in the frequency domain

    B. Voigt, K.-D. Irrgang, J. Ehlert, W. Beenken, G. Renger, D. Leupold, H. Lokstein

    Biochemistry 41 (2002) 3049-56
  3. Excitonic coupling of chlorophylls in the plant light-harvesting complex LHC-II

    A. Schubert, W. Beenken, H. Stiel, B. Voigt, D. Leupold, H. Lokstein

    Biophysical Journal 82 (2002) 1030-1039
  4. Fluorescence of native and carotenoid-depleted LH2 from Chromatium minutissimum, originating from simultaneous two-photon absorption in the spectral range of the presumed (optically "dark") S1 state of carotenoids

    M. Krikunova, A. Kummrow, B. Voigt, M. Rini, H. Lokstein, A. Moskalenko, H. Scheer, A. Razjivin, D. Leupold

    FEBS Letters 528 (2002) 227-229
  5. Direct evidence for excitonically coupled chlorophylls a and b in LHC II of higher plants by non-linear polarization spectroscopy in the frequency domain

    M. Krikunova, B. Voigt, H. Lokstein

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1556 (2002) 1-5
  6. Two-photon excitation fluorescence spectrum of the light harvesting complex LH2 from Chromatium minutissimum within the 650-745 nm range is determined by two-photon absorption of bacteriochlorophyll rather than of carotenoids

    M.A. Krikunova, D. Leupold, M. Rini, B. Voigt, A.A. Moskalenko, O.A. Toropygina, A.P. Razhivin

    Biofizika 47 (2002) 1015-1020
  7. Excitation trap approach to analyze size and pigment-pigment coupling: Reconstitution of LH1 antenna of Rhodobacter sphaeroides with Ni-substituted bacteriochlorophyll

    L. Fiedor, D. Leupold, K. Teuchner, B. Voigt, C. N. Hunter, A. Scherz, H. Scheer

    Biochemistry 40 (2001) 3737-3747
  8. Spectral substructure and excitonic interactions in the plant antenna complexes LHC II and CP29 as revealed by non-linear laser spectroscopy

    H. Lokstein, B. Voigt, A. Schubert, M. Krikounova, W. Beenken, K. Teuchner, J. Ehlert, K.-D. Irrgang, G. Renger, D. Leupold

    PS 2001 Proceedings on the 12th International Congress on Photosynthesis CSIRO Publishing (2001) S31-013/1-4
  9. Introduction of a 60 fs deactivation channel in the photosynthetic antenna LH1 by Ni-bacteriopheophytin a

    Fiedor, L. , Scheer, H., Hunter, N.C., Tschirschwitz, F., Voigt, B., Ehlert, J., Nibbering, E., Leupold, D., Elsaesser, T.

    Chemical Physics Letters 319 (2000) 145-152
  10. Pigment-protein architecture in the light harvesting antenna complexes of purple bacteria: does the crystal structure reflect the native pigment-protein arrangement?

    D. Leupold, B. Voigt, W. Beenken, H. Stiel

    FEBS letters 480 (2000) 73-78