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Dr. Anwar Usman

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  1. Ultrafast polarization-sensitive infrared spectroscopy of photoactive yellow protein and model compounds

    O. F. Mohammed, K. Heyne, A. Usman, J. Dreyer, E. T. J. Nibbering, M. A. Cusanovich

    Ultrafast Phenomena XV Springer (2007) 453-455
  2. Structural evolution of the chromophore in the primary stages of trans/cis isomerization in photoactive yellow protein

    K. Heyne, O.F. Mohammed, A. Usman, J. Dreyer, E.T.J. Nibbering, M.A. Cusanovich

    Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (2005) 18100-18106
  3. Excited state dynamics of a PYP chromophore model system explored with ultrafast infrared spectroscopy

    A. Usman, O.F. Mohammed, K. Heyne, J. Dreyer, E.T.J. Nibbering

    Chemical Physics Letters 401 (2005) 157-163
  4. Excited state structure determination of the green fluorescent protein chromophore

    A. Usman, O.F. Mohammed, E.T.J. Nibbering, J. Dong, K.M. Solntsev, L.M. Tolbert

    Journal of American Chemical Society 127 (2005) 11214-11215