• Explore opportunities offered by ubiquitous nature of sub-laser cycle response to strong IR fields for shaping, controlling and imaging quantum matter.
  • Understand the link between topological and chiral dynamical phenomena.
  • Create new concepts for shaping, controlling, and imaging of “oriented” media: media with orbital momentum, spin, handedness.
  • See viewpoint by Olga Smirnova in Nature Reviews Physics

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Scientific highlights

  • Synthetic chiral light [you can read the paper HERE, and see 123456, listen to an interview in Forschung Aktuell 7, find the article here ].

  • Spying on topology [you can read the paper HERE, and also see 12, find the article here].

  • Freeing electrons to better trap them [see 123].
  • From insulator to conductor in a flash [you can read the paper HERE, and also see 12].
  • A spinning top of light [you can read the paper HERE, and also see 12].
  • C'mon electrons, let's do the twist! Twisting electrons can tell right-handed and left-handed molecules apart [you can read the paper HERE, also see see 12].
  • Ultrafast preparation and detection of ring currents in single atoms [you can read the paper HERE, and see 1].
  • Spin polarization by strong field ionization [see 12].
  • Probing molecular chirality on a sub-femtosecond timescale [see 1,2,3].
  • Ascertaining tunneling time [see 1,2,3].


Software repository

Please find here the software repository of the Theory Department where we upload some of our tools.