Welcome to the Complex Spin Structures Group

The junior research group was founded by the Leibniz Competition "Best Minds" and started in 2023.
We are embedded in Division B "Transient Electronic Structure and Nanophysics" and closely linked to the research activities on ultrafast and nonlinear phenomena in condensed matter of MBI.

In particular, our research focuses on manipulating magnetic order with ultrashort laser pulses in technologically relevant nanostructures, which are at the heart of many current and future technologies, e.g. for storing and processing information. Gaining actual functionalities from such laser-driven processes relies on progress in the fundamental understanding of the light-induced spin dynamics on the relevant pico- to femtosecond time scales. This ultimately requires access to the transient spatial magnetization profiles, which have been hardly accessible in experiments so far. We use resonant soft-X-ray scattering as a versatile tool that, combined with polarization-sensitive scattering simulations, can provide the missing information. Based on unique laser-driven soft-X-ray sources developed at MBI, our team investigates such complex spin structures in small-scale laboratories as opposed to large-scale facilities, as was previously the case.

Get in touch with us:

Daniel Schick

Email: schick(at)mbi-berlin.de
Phone: +49 30 6392 1311
Max-Born-Str. 2a
12489 Berlin