Overview over the MBI research program

MBI conducts basic research in the field of nonlinear optics and ultrafast dynamics of the interaction of light with matter and pursues applications that emerge from this research. It develops and uses ultrafast and intense lasers and laser-driven short-pulse light sources in a broad spectral range in combination with methods of nonlinear spectroscopy and time-resolved structure research.

MBI research on light-matter interaction addresses fundamental problems of physics, chemistry and materials sciences. Advanced laser technologies and, to lesser extent, free electron lasers and synchrotron radiation are combined with highly sensitive methods of optics, spectroscopy and structure research. MBI concentrates on the optically induced nonlinear response and/or the real-time observation and control of fast and ultrafast elementary dynamics in the gas and condensed phases with experiment and theory going hand in hand. These studies provide direct access to microscopic interactions underlying the physical properties of atoms, molecules, liquids and solids, and to transient electronic and atomic structures.

Lasers and secondary, laser-driven light sources represent both a subject of research and an essential tool for experimental studies of light-matter interactions. This research emphasizes the generation and application of atto- and femtosecond pulses, of high power few-cycle pulses in the infrared (IR) and mid-infrared (mid-IR) range with a stable carrier envelope phase, and of highly stable and tunable sources covering a very wide spectral range from terahertz (THz) radiation up to hard X-ray wavelengths.

The research projects are focused onto the following topical areas:

This research structure, which contains individual research projects within each area, is complemented by the organisational structure of the MBI, representing the main competence areas of MBI staff and the corresponding allocation of scientific equipment. Details of the projects can be accessed through the schematic research structure or the list of all projects.