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Attosecond bunches of gamma photons and positrons generated in nanostructure targets

Z. Lécz, A. Andreev

Physical Review E 99 (2019) 013202/1-6 URL, DOI or PDF
Minimum requirements for electron–positron pair creation in the interaction of ultra-short laser pulses with thin foils

Z. Lécz, A. Andreev

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 61 (2019) 045005/1-10 URL, DOI or PDF
Rapid phase retrieval of ultrashort pulses from dispersion scan traces using deep neural networks

S. Kleinert, A. Tajalli, T. Nagy, U. Morgner

Optics Letters 44 (2019) 979-982 URL, DOI or PDF
Regioselective ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer from naphthols to halocarbon solvents

S. Chaudhuri, A. Acharya, E. T. J. Nibbering, V. S. Batista

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters Online (2019) URL, DOI or PDF
Recent advances in ultrafast X-ray sources

R. Schoenlein, T. Elsaesser, K. Holldack, Z. Huang, H. Kapteyn, M. Murname, M. Woerner

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series A-Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences 377 (2019) 20180384/1-37 URL, DOI or PDF
Broadband spectral characterization of the phase shift induced by population inversion in Ti:Sapphire

R. S. Nagymihaly, H. Cao, P. Jojart, V. Zuba, R. Flender, O. Antipov, I. Seres, A. Borzsonyi, V. Chvykov, K. Osvay, M. Kalashnikov

Optics Express 27 (2019) 1226-1235 URL, DOI or PDF
Straintronics beyond homogeneous deformation

R. Gupta, F. Rost, M. Fleischmann, S. Sharma, S. Shallcross

Physical Review B 99 (2019) 125407/1-17 URL, DOI or PDF
Propagation and orbital angular momentum of vortex beams generated from a spiral phase plate-fiber

M. Ding, Y. Chen, Y. Zhao, W. Zhou, A. Koshelev, K. Munechika, Q. Liu, T. Feng, Y. Wang, Z. Pan, D. Shen, U. Griebner, V. Petrov

Laser Physics Letters 16 (2019) 035106/1-5 URL, DOI or PDF
Thermo-optic dispersion formula for LiGaS2

K. Kato, N. Umemura, L. Isaenko, S. Lobanov, V. Vedenyapin, K. Miyata, V. Petrov

Applied Optics 58 (2019) 1519-1521 URL, DOI or PDF
Comparative study of Yb:KYW planar waveguide lasers Q-switched by direct- and evanescent-field interaction with carbon nanotubes

J. W. Kim, S. Y. Choi, J. E. Bae, M. H. Kim, Y. U. Jeong, E. Kifle, X. Mateos, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, G.-H. Kim, F. Rotermund

Optics Express 27 (2019) 1488-1496 URL, DOI or PDF
Orientation-dependent stereo Wigner time delay and electron localization in a small molecule

J. Vos, L. Cattaneo, S. Patchkovskii, T. Zimmermann, C. Cirelli, M. Lucchini, A. Kheifets, A. S. Landsman, U. Keller

Ultrafast Phenomena XXI 205 EJP Web of Conferences (2019) 06008/1-3 URL, DOI or PDF
Ultrafast negative thermal expansion driven by spin disorder

J. Pudell, von Reppert, A., D. Schick, F. Zamponi, M. Rössle, M. Herzog, H. Zabel, M. Bargheer

Physical Review B 99 (2019) 094304/1-7 URL, DOI or PDF
Competing spin transfer and dissipation at Co/Cu(001) interfaces on femtosecond timescales

J. Chen, U. Bovensiepen, A. Eschenlohr, T. Müller, P. Elliott, E. K. U. Gross, J. K. Dewhurst, S. Sharma

Physical Review Letters 122 (2019) 067202/1-6 URL, DOI or PDF
Emission kinetics of surface (Bi)excitons in ZnO thin films

I. Kh. Akopyan, M. E. Labzovskaya, B. V. Novikov, V. G. Talalaev, J. W. Tomm, J. Schilling

Physics of the Solid State 61 (2019) 403-408 URL, DOI or PDF
Impact of external optical feedback on high-power diode laser lifetime and failure modes

H. Kissel, J. W. Tomm, B. Köhler, J. Biesenbach

SPIE Proceedings Series 10900 (2019) 109000S/1-25 URL, DOI or PDF
Low-loss fiber-to-chip couplers with ultrawide optical bandwidth

H. Gehring, M. Blaicher, W. Hartmann, P. Varytis, K. Busch, M. Wegener, W. H. P. Pernice

APL Photonics 4 (2019) 010801/1-7 URL, DOI or PDF
High-resolution and high-repetition-rate vibrational sum-frequency generation spectroscopy of one- and two-component phosphatidylcholine monolayers

F. Yesudas, M. Mero, J. Kneipp, Z. Heiner

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2019) URL, DOI or PDF
viewpoint on Challenges and opportunities in attosecond and XFEL science

E. Lindroth, F. Calegari, L. Young, M. Harmand, N. Dudovich, N. Berrah, O. Smirnova

Nature Reviews Physics 1 (2019) 107-111 URL, DOI or PDF
Fs-laser-written thulium waveguide lasers Q-switched by graphene and MoS2

E. Kifle, P. Loiko, J. R. Vázquez de Aldana, C. Romero, A. Ródenas, V. Zakharov, A. Veniaminov, H. Yu, H. Zhang, Y. Chen, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, X. Mateos

Optics Express 27 (2019) 8745-8755 URL, DOI or PDF
Femtosecond-laser-written Ho:KGd(WO4)2 waveguide laser at 2.1  μm

E. Kifle, P. Loiko, C. Romero, J. R. Vázquez de Aldana, A. Ródenas, V. Zakharov, A. Veniaminov, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, U. Griebner, V. Petrov, X. Mateos

Optics Letters 44 (2019) 1738-1741 URL, DOI or PDF