Professor Stefan Eisebitt has been appointed W3-S Professor of Laser Physics at the TU Berlin in conjunction with the position of Director at the Max Born Institute.

The 50-year-old Eisebitt studied physics in Cologne and did his diploma thesis at the Institute for Solid State Research (IFF) of Forschungszentrum Jülich. For his doctoral thesis, he spent three years at the University of British Columbia in Canada, then submitted the work in 1996 in Cologne. Topic was the connection of electronic and geometrical structure in nanoscale materials, most important tool the spectroscopy in the XUV and soft X-ray range. At Forschungszentrum Jülich and at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), he developed methods to image the structure of a sample and its dynamics with coherent X-ray radiation. For example, with the resulting holographic methods, it is possible to obtain spatially and temporally high-resolution images of the spin structure of a sample. In early 2002, the now habilitated Eisebitt moved to Berlin as head of one of the first BESSY "in-house" research groups, in 2008 he accepted a call to the Technical University of Berlin, where he set up the field "Nanometer Optics and X-Ray Scattering". Here Femtomagnetimus, the study of the ultrafast dynamics of magnetic systems, became the focus of his research. In suitable materials, femtosecond light pulses can either cancel out magnetization or reversed in a controlled manner. This is on the one hand interesting for data storage, on the other hand, the thereby occurring elementary processes, which are currently still unclarified in many aspects, of particular interest. The most important tools for these studies are femtosecond light pulses in the entire spectral range from terahertz to x-ray - for his research Eisebitt therefore uses laser-driven laboratory sources as well as synchrotron radiation at storage rings and free electron lasers. At the Max Born Institute, Stefan Eisebitt succeeds Wolfgang Sandner and is responsible for Area B. On behalf of all MBI employees, we would like to sincerely congratulate Stefan Eisebitt on his appointment and look forward to working together.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Eisebitt