Picture of atomic orbitals featured in NOVA/PBS documentary

Pictures of atomic hydrogen orbitals measured by MBI researchers are featured in a new NOVA/PBS documentary (see link). In the video, it is explained how the two-dimensional wavefunction of a hydrogen atom can be visualized by recording a large number of ionized electrons, one at a time, on a 2-dimensional detector. The results were published in Physical Review Letters in 2013 (see Highlight link MBI website). and voted one of the Top 10 breakthroughs in Physics in 2013 (see Highlight link MBI website).

Link to video on Youtube: "What does an atom actually look like"
Source: Greg Kestin PhD, Digital Producer, NOVA/ PBS, Preceptor, Harvard University Physics Department

Link to Original Publication Physical Review Letters 2013: "Hydrogen Atoms under Magnification: Direct Observation of the Nodal Structure of Stark States"

Link to Press Release: "Hydrogen atoms under the magnifying glass: Direct Observation of the Nodal Structures of Electronic States of the Hydrogen Atom"

Link to Top10 breakthrough in Physics 2013: "Internationales Forscherteam des MBI & AMOLF in den "top 10 breakthroughs" in "physicsworld.com" 2013"

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