Julius Springer Prize 2012 goes to Thomas Elsässer and Horst Weller

Scientists are honored for their pioneering achievements and detailed understanding of elemental processes at the sub-nanoscale.

This year's Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics goes to Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Elsässer from the Max Born Institute in Berlin and Prof. dr. Horst Weller from the University of Hamburg for her pioneering achievements and her detailed understanding of elementary processes on the sub-nanoscale. The $ 5,000 prize will be presented on June 20 at the Berlin Academy of Arts on the occasion of the Julius Springer Forum on Applied Physics 2012.

Elsässer and Weller have conducted extensive research on elemental processes at the nano- and sub-nanoscale. They investigated the time-resolved ultrafast motion of atoms and charges in crystals as well as the precise generation of functionalized nanoparticle material complexes and their applications. These include the development of new photovoltaic and fuel cells as well as "intelligent" contrast media and drug delivery systems that can be used in medicine for improved diagnostics and therapy.

Thomas Elsässer is Director at the Max Born Institute in Berlin and Professor of Experimental Physics at the Humboldt University. His research covers a wide range of ultrafast fundamental processes in solids, liquids and (bio) molecular systems. Many of his approximately 390 scientific articles have met with an international response; he owns six patents.

Horst Weller is Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Hamburg. He is also the scientific director of the Center for Applied Nanotechnology (CAN), founded by a consortium of industry and public organizations. He has been a pioneer in the field of nanochemistry since the early 1980s and his research covers a wide range of topics, from basic research to applications. He has published more than 300 scientific papers and holds several patents.

The Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics honors scientists who have made an outstanding and innovative contribution to the field of applied physics. Since 1998, the award has been presented annually by the publishers of Springer's Applied Physics A - Materials Science & Processing and Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics journals.

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The award will be presented to Thomas Elsässer and Horst Weller at 10:30 am on June 20, 2012 at the Akademie der Künste on Pariser Platz in Berlin on the occasion of this year's "Julius Springer Forum on Applied Physics 2012". The program can be downloaded at http://www.springer.com/physics. Free pre-registration is possible until June 18th at apa(at)gwdg.de.


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