Ingo Barth of the Max Born Institut is a junior scientist of the year 2012

Dr. Ingo Barth has been named a Young Scientist of the Year by The now 36-year-old studied physics at the Technical University of Berlin and earned his doctorate at the FU Berlin in Theoretical Chemistry summa cum laude. He is the first deaf person in Germany to have a doctorate in chemistry and has already been honored several times for his research.

At MBI, Barth conducts basic research in high-field and attosecond physics. Already in his doctoral thesis, he discovered how electrons can be forced onto an annular path by laser pulses, creating extremely strong magnetic fields inside. According to his calculations, they far surpass the strongest permanent magnetic field of nearly 100 Tesla produced in the laboratory. At MBI, he continues this research to control electron motion through laser pulses. For his findings Barth was among others awarded the Carl Ramsauer Prize of the German Physical Society in Berlin.

Ingo Barth is also committed to the further development of sign language and the establishment of a "European DeafUniversity".

The academics young talent award, endowed with 2,000 euros, honors young scientists up to the age of 35 who have a lasting positive influence on science, research and development through outstanding commitment, forward-looking ideas or exemplary behavior.

The official award ceremony will take place on 18 March 2013 as part of the "Gala der Wissenschaft" of the German University Association in Leipzig.

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