Dr. Daniela Rupp received the "Mayor's Young Talent Award" at the "Science Award of the Governing Mayor of Berlin 2018"

In an award ceremony held at the Berlin town hall ("Rotes Rathaus") on Wednesday November 7th, Dr. Daniela Rupp, the leader of the Junior Research Group "Ultrafast Dynamics Dynamics in Nanoplasma" received the Mayor's Young Talent Award ("Nachwuchspreis") from Mayor Michael Müller, for her pioneering research on imaging the structure and dynamics of nano-scale particles using single-shot coherent diffractive imaging.

In his laudatio, professor-emeritus Ingolf Hertel (the former director of Division A of the MBI) explained how, in her research, Daniela uses both large scale free electron lasers, and lab-based systems such as the high harmonic sources at MBI, to gain unprecedented insight into both the shapes and laser-induced dynamics of rare gas clusters and nano-droplets. A recent example of this work can be found here (MBI Highlight Nature Communications "First imaging of free nanoparticles in laboratory experiment using a high-intensity laser source"). Prior to the current award, Daniela was awarded the 2018 Karl-Scheel Prize and the 2013 Carl Ramsauer Prize, both awarded by the Berlin section of the German Physical Society.